The following plans are preliminary depictions and subject to continued improvement and change.


Community Plan

Although not a new concept, clustered development has been implemented in very few Colorado communities.  This housing philosophy is driven by three main concepts:

  • Open space preservation – at least 40% contiguous natural landscape and habitat corridor preserved and protected in the community

  • Water sustainability - the highest level water recycling in the state

  • Economic footprint – lowest ratio of infrastructure maintenance to tax revenue in the county

  • Investment in the County – substantial economic stimulant

The plan below, although constantly being improved, is a depiction of clustered development at Independence.


The First Neighborhood Plan

This neighborhood will be in the southeast portion of the community.  It is set back from Hilltop Road by over 200 feet.  The architecture, design and landscaping will be subject to covenants, conditions and restrictions of an HOA to ensure it is consistent with its rural surroundings.  This neighborhood will feature at least two parks and meandering public trails.